Maura Susanna is considered the voice of the soul the popular Val d’Aosta.Singer by vocation, he wrote in Italian and Franco, the language heconsiders ‘the heart’. His research, which focuses on folk music, is linked to the rediscovery of the cultural traditions arpitane but transcends during his career, leading her to perform in Italy and abroad, Maura presented to the public songs in Portuguese, Catalan, Spanish and Creole. Social work isthe common thread that runs through his artistic production. The interpretation of the feeling through notes of every time andeverywhere, is, according to the verses of Gisele Bovard, a ‘walk through water and fire’. Maura’s talent is to step into ‘paroxysms of hate and love’, the root of emotional and creative universal, and turn them into the source of your hand. After the album Fables de nos jours (1983) and the CD The Journey (1996), the artist presents the eagerly awaited latest work, ‘My Land’. It is a dialoguebetween languages​​, the patois, Italian and French, between musical genres, notes and poetry. The verses of Boris Vian, and the poet EmilyDickinson valdostana Eugenie Martinet found a musical dress thanks to the subtle linguistic sensibility. ‘Les Prisons du roi’ is the fusion of ananonymous French complainte and singing traditional alpine ‘La Bergered’Aravis’. The recording of ‘Terra Mia’, all of Aosta.